Product Technology

ASTA's solution is built on an event-based, multi-tiered distributed network architecture to enable real time communication between enterprises, suppliers, and collaborative commerce platforms. F1 uses ASTA's proprietary Object Memory Caching technology (OMC) to enhance high volume transaction processing for superior performance and real time response. It supports major relational database access and provides for XML, barcode and RFID connectivity. The products incorporate up to three layers of security, deploy standard industry solutions for packet encryption and fully support security certificates based on the SSL protocol.

Application Infrastructure

ASTA's product thin-client architecture supports the integration of both centralized (one to many) and peer-to-peer (many to many) enterprises and collaborative commerce networks. F1 is OMG/CORBA compliant and is built on a Nth-tier distributed object-computing platform. F2 is Java based and J2EE compliant. F3 is developed on standard Microsoft platform.

Within the infrastructure, data can move in real-time across web servers for business enterprises. Users benefit from the flexibility of centralized/decentralized control of data and application processes.The products support connectivity to SAP and Oracle ERP systems.

Product Deployment

Each application can be directly installed within an enterprise or hosted as an ASP service on Linux, Unix (HPUX, AIX and Solaris) and Windows servers. Servers can be centralized, clustered and/or distributed for achieving maximum performance. The products support major relational databases including Oracle, DB2 and SQL servers.