RFID Solutions


With the standardization of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, more and more industries are taking on RFID initiatives to gain competitive advantage.

RFID encompasses technologies that allow ready identification of objects through radio waves. An RFID system uses electronic readers to retrieve digital data stored on a microchip embedded tag attached to an object. The key advantage of this new technology is its non-contact, non-line-of-sight aspect. It allows easy and accurate tracking of objects.

In today's supply chain environment, RFID delivers its most significant benefit through inventory tracking and management. Timely accurate inventory visibility not only increases efficiency and productivity, it also enhances collaborative planning among supply chain partners.

Product Description

ASTA Systems developed a suite of applications targeted for RFID systems. With the astronomical amount of data collected from RFID tags, users will be overwhelmed to make sensible use of the data. The speedy real time inflow of data also poses handling issues. Asta's applications specifically filter and organize RFID data to record and report crucial information. Each application offers an economical, highly scalable, easy to implement and user friendly solution aimed at a specific tracking and visibility pain point.

RFID tags can be used to track goods in the supply chain, reusable containers, high value tools and assets, mobile items and people.

Tracking, Visibility & Control

Allows user to assign RFID tags to each object, then track its movement through the supply chain. The object may be moving through a manufacturing production line, a repair/refurbishment processing facility, service centers or a distribution network.

RFID Infrastructure and Data Management

ASTA Systems' RFID solutions are java based J2EE compliant. They incorporate open interfaces standards to communicate with data collection devices, data concentrators and ERP systems.

RFID Information Gateway

A special feature of Asta's RFID solutions is an internet information gateway, where customers and suppliers have full visibility to the tracked product along the value chain. Staged progress and exceptions are communicated in real time for increased efficiency.