Departmental Solution Offerings

Product Description

In todayís every changing business environment, legacy supply chain systems lack the flexibility to satisfy evolving needs. This gives rise to user devised disparate manual methods that are local, non-uniform and totally non-visible. Control becomes extremely difficult. Inefficiency in the supply chain gaps increases the lead time to supply products to market.

ASTA Systems developed a suite of supply chain applications targeted to fill the legacy gaps. Each application offers an economical, highly scalable, easy to implement and user friendly solution aiming at a specific pain point. It consists of key data and functional elements for visibility, execution, tracking, collaboration and analysis of the process. It consolidates and organizes the disparate data sources, spreadsheets and systems.

The result is a streamlined supply chain operation that is visible, controlled and effective.

Here are a few sample solutions that are applicable for most industries and situations with minimal implementation service effort.

Shortage Management

Allows user to manage item shortages from identification to fulfillment. The shortage may be from production line shortages, shipment backorders, or delta BOM.

Container ID Tracking

Allows user to assign license plate for each container/pallet/kit outbound for delivery, then track each stage until it reaches final recipient.

Asset Recovery Management

Allows user to set up basic inventory system for scrap assets with residual value.

Excess & Obsolete Inventory Analysis

Allows user to analyze on a weekly and quarterly basis their excess and obsolete inventory status.

Return to Stock

Allows users to track every piece of returned goods from source to shelf.