F2 Enterprise Web App Services

Product Description

With the evolution of the Internet, a web site is more than a display of contents. It is a gateway through which electronic business is actually conducted. F2 is a suite of application services that targets the logistics of e-business in the areas of execution, visibility, tracking, collaboration and control.

F2ís application services offer a highly scalable, easy to implement and user-friendly solution for companies to conduct and manage their e-business processes. These services can support a single enterprise as well as distributed enterprise. It complements and interfaces with the back-end systems without any disruption to current operations. Its modular design allows companies to easily select and put together a collection of services that best suits their specific needs, with low capital investment. As business grows, each service can be added when the need arises.

F2, which is java-based, couples with RFID infrastructure to allow ready implementation of RFID solutions.

F2 allows all partners in the value chain to collaborate and share real time information for efficient transaction processing. Valuable results include shorter lead times, reduction in inventory, and ultimately increased customer service and profit margins.

F2ís most widely adopted services includes catalog service, replenishment service, order visibility service, inventory visibility service, value chain collaboration service, authorization service and exception alert service.

Catalog Service

Provides electronic storefront with shopping cart.

Replenish Service

Creates and manages private collaborative order replenishment networks between buyers and suppliers.

Customer Order Visibility Service

Provides customer order visibility for internal users and external customers.

Inventory Visibility Service

Provides single consolidated view of existing inventories in the enterprise.

Value Chain Collaboration Service

Tracks all stages of logistic flow in the value chain, with real time communication and progress updates.