F1 Product Suite

Product Description

ASTA provides a compelling solution to address the complexities and benefits of a dynamic internet based collaborative network replenishment system. With ASTA's F1 product suites, you replace the problems of custom code, system replacements and manual processes and gain an internet based application engine that streamlines your existing business processes and functions for order replenishment and supplier collaboration while leveraging your existing systems investment. The result is a powerful solution for driving dynamic and efficient collaborative commerce for your value chain.

ASTA's F1 solution, built on an advanced web-based network architecture, provides a highly scalable and secured infrastructure for establishing business collaboration networks to drive re-supply orders across enterprise partners, customers, suppliers and intercompany entities in real time. The product provides a totally secured internet transaction gateway between the suppliers' and buyers' internal systems, supported by an application integration framework. This gateway is a real-time transactional database and application engine that resides on the internet. It contains the essential functions for collaborative commerce in dynamic order replenishment, supplier collaboration and performance analytics. The end result is a significant increase in competitive efficiency, much improved customer and supplier service, lower inventory and an immediate reduction in the cost of doing business.

Current F1 Applications include Item Central, Replenish Central, RFQ Central, Returns Central, and Workflow Central.

Item Central

Provides value chain visibility for internal users and external partners.

Replenish Central

Creates and manages private collaborative order replenishment networks between buyers and suppliers.

RFQ Central

Creates and manages RFQs among private collaborative trading networks between buyers and suppliers.

Returns Central

Executes and tracks complete return cycle from request to resolution.

Workflow Central

Tracks all stages of workflow.