Welcome to ASTA Systems

ASTA is an enterprise e-business application services company providing collaborative commerce solutions for order accountability, parts fulfillment, supplier collaboration and supply chain execution services across value networks.

ASTA focuses on logistics, manufacturing and distribution functions for targeted industries, which include electronics, computers, semi conductors, packaged and consumer goods, health care products and services.

ASTA delivers web application services through an internet transaction gateway for visibility, execution, tracking, collaboration and control. Its solutions complement and extend existing back end systems to realize competitive advantage.

ASTA provides end-to-end RFID solutions, tightly coupled with F2 enterprise web application services and departmental solution offerings. RFID services range from data collection, data filtering, web visibility to ERP interfaces.

ASTA's solutions are economical, highly scalable, easy to implement and user friendly. They realize quick return on investment. The result is a streamlined supply chain operation that is visible, controlled and effective.

ASTA empowers collaborative networks to improve the way companies supply products and services to market.

Real World Solutions to solve Real World Problems.